Innovation and test-center for Small Grid connected urban wind generators and inverters.       

Information site for those people who like to produce their own, pure and safe clean wind-energy, together we can help to reduce the emission of global Co2 and your energy bill.   For safety reasons all our products working with low DC voltage.

 Eurowind test and information center for small  windgenerators and grid-connected-inverters ,( DMI, SMA, etc.) This site is still under construction, please visit  this website regular for actual information.  

Your own 100% Green Wind Energy System? We can help you, with our expertise and experience!     Please call: 0031 511 44 23 86    



We  have tested several systems under different and  most extreme field conditions.

 Windgenerators: AirX, Air Breeze , H40, H80, W100, W200, Lakota, Longbow, Ampair, WS400, Inclin, Flip 150, Flip 500, Black300, Hummer, Maja  Bergey and more.

Grid connected wind systems do not have storage batteries and do not provide a guaranteed continuous power supply. If the grid goes down the inverter will cut out for safety reasons and there will be no electricity available.

If the household uses more energy than the renewable sources can supply, the shortfall is provided by the grid so power is always available.

"Eurowind test-center" is located in the North part of the Netherlands (average windspeed 5.4 m/s at 10 meter high.)

3 mast available 11, 19, 30 meter.

 5317'9.82"N     6 4'57.59"E

This site is  under construction!!  for more information click here








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